Quality Services for Complete and Partial Dentures in Mundelein, IL

When a patient is missing most or all of their teeth, dentures offer an option for full dental restoration. These dental prosthetics are important not only to improve the appearance of the smile but also to help the patient eat and talk normally.

Our team at Meadows Family Dentistry offers a variety of treatment options for patients who need dentures in Mundelein, IL. If you would like more information about these services and other restorative treatments, we invite you to schedule a consultation to learn more about the possibilities.

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Comparing Traditional Dentures and Other Treatments

Every mouth is unique, which is why there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to dental restoration. Instead, we work with each patient to evaluate your goals and budget, then design the ideal dentures to optimize your smile.

Here are a few details that will be considered when designing your dentures:

Full or Partial Dentures

The need for partial vs. full dentures is determined based on the number of teeth that you are missing. A full set replaces all of your teeth on the upper and lower jaw. If most of your teeth are already missing or severely damaged, the dentist might recommend extraction for the remaining teeth so you can be fitted with a complete denture.

On the other hand, partial dentures contain a plate that fits in a portion of the mouth with one or more restorative teeth. This treatment is constructed similarly to full dentures, but they are smaller and custom-fit to the area of the mouth where you are missing teeth.

The Difference Between Traditional Dentures and Permanent Dentures

With a traditional denture treatment, the prosthetics are made with a metal structure covered by an acrylic base. This material flexes and shapes to the gums, so it fits in the mouth with precision. The patient can remove the dentures as needed and always takes them out at night to clean and soak.

On the other hand, permanent dentures are attached to the mouth and always stay in place. For example, this treatment solution can be paired with dental implants to hold the dentures in position.

Immediate Dentures and Cosmetic Restorations

At Meadows Family Dentistry, we are here to help with your partial and full denture fitting. Our goal is to help you create a comfortable, natural smile that allows you to enjoy all of your favorite activities throughout the day.

In addition to the initial fitting and design, we also offer ongoing services to adjust the denture fitting as needed. You are always welcome to reach out to us for a follow-up appointment if you need denture repair or an adjustment to keep your dentures in the perfect position in your mouth.

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